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Title & link –         Your Thurrock: Thurrock Labour councillors delight in Biomass victory


Date –                   30 October 2015


Reference –           Your Thurrock


Author –               Staff


Summary   –        Local residents and councillors are celebrating their planning victory over the West Thurrock Biomass Plant application on Thursday.


Title & link –        BBC: Drax power station criticised for biomass by US environmental group


Date –                   22 October 2015


Reference –           BBC


Author –               Staff


Summary   –        An American environmental group has criticised a UK power station over its use of biomass.


Title & link –        Thurrock Gazette: Plans for biomass plant in West Thurrock given green light for approval


Date –                   22 October 2015


Reference –          Thurrock Gazette


Author –               Staff


Summary  –         Plans for a biomass plant in West Thurrock have been given the go ahead to be approved next week despite huge public calls for the proposal to be scrapped.

Title & link –        Biomass Magazine: UK Biomass Heat: Ready for Takeoff?


Date –                   17 September 2015


Reference –          Biomass Magazine


Author –               Neil Harrison


Summary   –        The United Kingdom biomass heat sector is experiencing turbulent times, due to a near-perfect storm of market factors, subsidy review and fallout from dramatic growth in the industry since the introduction of the Renewable Heat Incentive in November.

Title & link –        Edie: Teesside set for world's largest combined heat and power biomass plant


Date –                   11 August 2015


Reference –          Edie


Author –               Matt Field


Summary  –         Teesside is to be the site of the world's largest new power and steam biomass plant as part of a new £424m project.


Title & link –        Newsweek: Two Numbers – Humans Have Burned Up Half the World’s Biomass


Date –                   5 August 2015


Reference –          Newsweek


Author –               Douglas Main


Summary         A study published in July in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences calculates that we've burned nearly half of Earth’s biomass in the past 2,000 years, with 10 percent of that being consumed in the past century alone.


Title & link –        Biomass Magazine: Drax discusses recent regulation changes in half-year results


Date –                   28 July 2015


Reference –          Biomass Magazine


Author –               Katie Fletcher


Summary  –        On July 28, Drax Group plc released its half-year results for the six months ended June 30. Before the half-year (H1) results were presented, Dorothy Thompson, chief executive, addressed the change to the Climate Change Levy, which will be removed for renewable electricity generated after Aug. 1.



Title & link –        Yorkshire Post: Defiant Drax in move to bring on third unit


Date –                   21 July 2015


Reference –          Yorkshire Post


Author –               Ros Snowdon


Summary  –        Drax, the UK’s biggest power station, said it still intends to bring on a third unit running predominately on biomass by the end of this month despite the surprise scrapping of a climate change tax exemption in the recent Budget.


Title & link –        This is Money: Drax urges government to delay Climate Change Levy cut as its share price dives


Date –                   19 July 2015


Reference –          This is Money


Author –               Jon Rees


Summary  –        Power generator Drax is trying desperately to persuade the Government to delay the imposition of the Climate Change Levy after a dramatic collapse in its share price. 



Title & link –        Biomass Magazine: Drax provides update of biomass operations


Date –                   08 June 2015


Reference –          Biomass Magazine


Author –               Erin Voegele


Summary  –        On June 8, Drax Group plc issued a trading update, reporting progress with its U.S. pellet plants and providing an update of the company’s biomass conversion projects. 


Title & link –        Renewable Heat Incentive: Update on biomass sustainability reporting requirements


Date –                   06 July 2015


Reference –          Department of Energy and Climate Change


Author –               DECC


Summary  –        The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) regulations, which will come into force on 5th October 2015, include requirements for the use of sustainable biomass by participants. This document clarifies some points relating to the regulations.


Title & link –        


Date –                   23 May 2015


Reference –          Energy and Carbon Blog 


Author –               Gerard Wynn


Summary  –        It is time for the biomass industry, and British and European policymakers, to take a more robust approach to carbon accounting.


Title & link –        The Carbon Brief: Does the UK's biomass burning help solve climate change?


Date –                   11 May 2015


Reference –          The Carbon Brief 


Author –               Simon Evans


Summary  –        The Carbon Brief investigates whether the UK's growing use of biomass for power generation help solve climate change or not.


Title & link –        NGO Report: Pitfalls and Potentials: the Role of Bioenergy in the EU Climate and Energy Policy Post 2020

Date –                   28 April 2015


Reference –          Oxfam International, ActionAid, Bird Life International, Climate Action Network, European Environmental Bureau, Fern, Greenpeace, Transport and Environment, Wetlands International, WWF


Author –               Various Staff


Summary –          An NGO policy paper on the climate, environmental, and social impacts of bioenergy.



Title & link –        Click Green:  International groups call for end of subsidy support for Drax power station


Date –                   21 April 2015


Reference –           Click Green


Author –              Click Green Staff


Summary –           An international coalition of NGOs representing groups in North America, South America and Europe have written an open letter to the UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) calling for an end of state support for the Drax power station.

Title & link –        BBC:Southampton and Avonmouth biomass plants shelved


Date –                   23 March 2015


Reference –          BBC


Author –               BBC News Staff


Summary –          Plans for two biomass power stations have been abandoned after the company behind them hit financial problems.


Title & link –        BBC News: Scottish Energy Minister Fergus Ewing opens biomass plant in Fife


Date –                   5 March 2015


Reference –          BBC News


Author –               BBC News Staff


Summary –          A combined heat and power biomass plant on the site of a Fife-based paper maker has been opened by the Scottish Energy Minister.


Title & link –         Business Green: Drax publishes biomass supply data in bid to address sustainability concerns


Date –                   3 March 2015


Reference –          Business Green


Author –               James Murray


Summary –          Coal giant hails its position at heart of Europe's 'biggest carbon reduction project'


Title & link –         The Times: Drax braced for fight with Brussels


Date –                   25 February 2015


Reference –          The Times


Author –               Tim Webb


Summary –           The owner of Britain’s largest power station is bracing itself for the European Commission to launch a state-aid investigation into plans to convert one of its coal units to burn biomass.


Title & link –         Environment & Energy Publishing: On burning wood pellets for electricity, it's U.S. environmentalists vs. European generators


Date –                   20 February 2015


Reference –          Environment & Energy Publishing


Author –               Elizabeth Harball


Summary –          Is the United Kingdom's biggest, most carbon-emitting coal station's switch to wood energy a good thing or a bad thing for America's forests and the climate?


Title & link –         EurActiv: Commission investigates UK state aid for biomass plant


Date –                   20 February 2015


Reference –          EurActiv


Author –               EurActiv Staff


Summary –           A European Commission investigation into whether British plans to use public money to convert a coal power plant into a wood-burning facility broke EU competition law, was opened Thursday (19 February).


Title & link –        Click Green:  Europe launches state aid probe into UK biomass plant plans


Date –                   19 February 2015


Reference –          Click Green


Author –               Click Green Staff


Summary –           The European Commission has confirmed it has launched an in-depth investigation to assess whether UK plans to support the conversion of the Lynemouth coal power plant to operate entirely on biomass were in line with EU state aid rules.


Title & link –         Biomass Magazine: Report highlights growth of EU pellet consumption


Date –                   17 February 2015


Reference –          Biomass Magazine


Author –               Erin Voegele


Summary –           The EurObserv’ER has published a new edition of its Solid Biomass Barometer


Title & link –        The New York Times: A Biofuel Debate: Will Cutting Trees Cut Carbon?


Date –                   10 February 2015


Reference –          The New York Times


Author –               Eduardo Porter


Summary –           The New York Times asks whether combating climate change require burning the world’s forests and crops for fuel.


Title & link –        Biomass Magazine: EU approves U.K. state aid for Teesside biomass CHP plant


Date –                   22 January 2015


Reference –          Biomass Magazine


Author –               Erin Voegele


Summary –           Biomass Magazine reports on the European Commission’s decision to approve the UK’s plan to provide state aid to the proposed Teesside combined-heat-and-power (CHP) plant


Title & link –        The Guardian: 'Green' biomass boilers may waste billions in public money


Date –                   14 January 2015


Reference –          The Guardian


Author –               Arthur Nelson


Summary –           The Guardian reports that over £10bn could be paid in incentives for non-domestic biomass boilers despite a government study showing they are less efficient than thought and won’t help the UK meet clean energy targets





Title & link –        The Telegraph: Why biomass is key to the UK's energy future


Date –                   4 November 2014


Reference –          The Telegraph


Author –               James Quinn


Summary –          In an interview with James Quinn, Drax chief executive Dorothy Thompson explains why the times are a-changing at the UK's largest electricity power station.





Title & link –        The Telegraph: Drax boss Dorothy Thompson defends high energy bills for homeowners


Date –                   4 November 2014


Reference –          The Telegraph


Author –               James Quinn


Summary –          Chief executive Dorothy Thompson does not believe the lights will go out this winter - but is 'uneasy' around energy plant failures





Title & link –        BBC:  Drax renewable energy move 'could harm forests'


Date –                   22 September 2014


Reference –          BBC


Author –               Staff


Summary –          The UK's biggest coal power station has been accused of causing environmental damage as it moves to produce electricity from "renewable" resources.



Title & link –        The Guardian: Drax admits defeat on state subsidy as court of appeal rules for government


Date –                   7 August 2014


Reference –          The Guardian


Author –               Angela Monaghan


Summary –          Angela Monaghan reports on the court of appeal’s decision on subsidies for Drax



Title & link –     The Times: Another renewable myth goes up in smoke


Date –               28 July 2014


Reference –      The Times


Author –           Matt Ridely


Summary –      Matt Ridley reports on the setback in the search for clean energy.



Title & link –       The Times: Letters to the Editor


Date –                  28 July 2014


Reference –         The Times


Author –              Alastair Kerr


Summary –         A letter to the Editor by Alastair Kerr, WPIF Director General, addressing DECC’s recent report on biomass.



Title & link:-

 WPIF Responds to the Guardian's Eco Audit on Biomass


9 May 2013


The Guardian


Leo Hickman/Alastair Kerr


Alastair Kerr, WPIF Director General, responds to the Guardian’s Eco Audit on biomass. Alastair’s comments were published at 12:29pm.



Title & link –    The Times: Biomass plants can be less green than coal-fired


Date –              25 July 2014


Reference –     The Times


Author –          Ben Webster


Summary –     Ben Webster reports on recent analysis that suggests biomass plants can be less green than coal-fired ones.



Title & link:-

RSPB: The biomass industry should come clean about its environmental impact


3 May 2013


The Guardian


Harry Huyton


Harry Huyton from the RSPB sets out the NGO’s position on biomass and mentions the concerns from sectors including the wood panel industry.



Title & link:-

The Times: Cutting down trees is such a fuelish notion


17th November 2012


The Times


Matt Ridley


Matt Ridley explains why he thinks that biomass is ‘an even crazier idea’ than windpower




Title & link:-

You and Yours Programme on the implications of the Renewables Obligation


12th May 2011


Radio 4


Sharmini Selvarajah


Reporter Sharmini Selvarajah speaks to furniture manfacturers, wood panel manufacturers, the Rt Hon Anne McGuire and Greg Barker (Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change) about the Renewables Obligation and its impact on the price of wood.


Title & link:- Today Programme on the renewable heat incentive
Date:- 10th March 2011
Reference:- BBC News
Author:-       Unknown
Summary:- The Today Programme interviewed the BBC's environment analyst Roger Harrabin on the renewable heat incentive (RHI).
Title & link:- Channel 4 News on the impact of biomass demand on timber prices
Date:- 6th March 2011
Reference:- Channel 4 News
Author:-       Tom Clarke
Summary:- Channel 4 News reported this week on the government subsidies to encourage power companies to burn wood which are distorting the market for timber and forcing up prices in manufacturing and construction industries.
Title & link:- Welsh AM's support MakeWoodWork
Date:- 18th August 2010
Author:-       Mark Isherwood
Summary:- Welsh Assembly members Mark Isherwood and Brynle Williams following a site visit to woodbased panel manufacturer Kronospan Ltd have come out in support of the industries MakeWoodWork campaign.
Title & link:- Biomass plants' 'carbon debt'
Date:- 29th June 2010
Reference:- Dundee Courier
Author:-       Stefan Morkis
Summary:- 'Forth Energy have denied claims that its proposed biomass generator for dundee docks might not be carbon neutral until the middle of the century.'
Title & link:- Government subsidies for biomass energy plants could destroy wood panel industry and increase Carbon emissions  
Date:- 29th June 2010
Author:- Jon Close
Summary:- Report regarding the Make Wood Work campaign

Title & link:- Wood recycling "at risk" from large-scale biomass
Date:- 29th June 2010
Author:-       Rachael Meredith
Summary:- Large-scale biomass plants being paid a renewable energy subsidy to burn woodchips have pushed up woodchip prices by more than 30% in the last four years and are putting wood recycling at risk, according to the Wood Panel Industries Federation (WPIF).
Title & link:- Scots jobs 'at risk' as fears grow over biomass plants' appetite for wood
Date:- 29 June 2010
Reference:- The Scotsman
Author:-       Jenny Fyall
Summary:- An article in relation to the Make Wood Work campaign focusing on biomass energy plants effect other businesses in Scotland in terms of potential job losses.
Title & link:- Green energy boasts hit unintended target
Date:- 29 June 2010
Reference:- The Scotsman
Author:-       Author unknown
Summary:- Unintended consequences of energy production from biomass and its effect on the wood panel industry
Title & link:- Biomass plants threaten UK wood panel industry, campaign says  
Date:- 28th June 2010
Author:- Greenwise Staff
Summary:- An article regarding the Make Wood Work campaign and the reasons behind it.

Title & link:- Biomass Electricity Generation Threatens UK Wood Industries
Date:- 28th June 2010
Reference:- Green Building Press
Author:-       Green Building Press
Summary:- An article regarding the Make Wood Work campaign and the reasons behind it.
Title & link:- Wood-fuelled energy is fine ... if done right, campaign says
Date:- 29th June 2010
Author:-       Greenbang
Summary:- An article regarding the burning of waste wood for fuel.